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Chateau La Fleur-Petrus

Pomerol - Chateau La Fleur-Petrus

Château La Fleur-Pétrus is a Bordeaux wine from the appellation Pomerol.


In 1953, Chateau La Fleur Petrus was purchased by Jean-Pierre Moueix from the Garret family. Prior to that sale, Chateau La Fleur Petrus was the property of numerous owners, including the Arnaud family, who also owned Petrus. The estate was enlarged with the acquisition of vines from Château Le Gay in 1953 and 1994.


The 18.7 hectare Pomerol vineyard of Chateau La Fleur Petrus is planted to 91% Merlot, 6% Cabernet Franc and 3% Petit Verdot. This marks a large change in the vineyard, which was 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc until about 2012. 


La Fleur-Pétrus produce elegant, smooth and refined Pomerols that, whilst lacking the concentration and intensity found in Pétrus, are still amongst the finest wines of the region.